Clive Morgan, Managing Director of Computerisation Limited

Clive Morgan, Managing Director of Computerisation Limited

Welcome to Computerisation Limited, a bespoke business software development house based in Cardiff, South Wales. We serve local businesses near us with our software development solutions so they can take their business to the next level. We have successfully served various small and medium businesses in the private and public sector and look forward to providing high quality custom development services for your business as well.


Who we are and what we do:

We are a team of database specialists and software developers in Cardiff with more than 20 years of experience. Our speciality is simple – we can provide complex solutions that others cannot deliver. We innovate and refine software, increasing your businesses potential of success by ensuring better business processes, customer satisfaction, and easily overcoming business challenges.

At Computerisation, we…

  • Specialise in Microsoft SQL server, professionals at upgrading legacy Microsoft Access Database systems that have become outdated.
  • Deliver difficult services that others cannot deliver – we are experts at creating more complex databases
  • Offer a unique “bolt on” service that adds a custom made module to 3rd party off the shelf systems. This service increases efficiency of system and adds new data functionality that was not possible before.
  • Are able to write systems from scratch, either to replace legacy systems or to integrate with existing systems.
  • Can integrate with most levels of Sage and other leading accounts packages to add new functionality not available in the standard package.

Our Approach: 

We maintain a personalised approach to our work. In order to provide truly custom software development solutions for your business. We work to understand our clients business, their requirements, and their expectations. We then optimise our services to match their business needs. We talk to you in an extensive yet simple manner so there is no miscommunications. With this personalised approach, we are able to provide reliable, professional and completely bespoke custom business software development to your business.

Core Values: 

Computerisation Limited is based on a set of values that form the core foundation of who we are. These core values include

      Integrity:  We are honest in our service and communication. Integrity is maintained as a vital element in this group and we will always stand by it.

     Forward Mind-set:  We look ahead – in the rapidly changing, highly technical age of today, we believe a forward mind-set is key to ensuring your business supersedes the competition.

      Innovation:  Custom business software development requires innovation – we not only understand this but believe in it. All members of our team are always focused on sharing innovative ideas and concepts.

For more information about Computerisation Limited, contact us today using the Enquiry form, or telephone: 02920 712 664


Cardiff Software Developers, Computerisation Limited have been business database specialists and bespoke software developers since 1989. Computerisation Limited, based in Cardiff, South Wales, develop business software systems and database applications for clients throughout the UK.