Accounts System Integration

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Modern day Account Systems are brilliant at maintaining your accounts, keeping a track of your money, letting you see how your business is doing as well as preparing your statutory accounts and tax returns.

Many Account Systems, which can also include payroll, are now cloud-based and incorporate attractive dashboards giving a visual presentation of the key points of financial information.

However, Account Systems tend to concentrate on historic transactions whereas business these days require an insight into live or even future transactions and very often this is obtained not from the Accounts System but other systems which we will call Management Systems.

Businesses often have both types of systems (Accounts & Management) however very often there is little integration between them.

Management Systems outside the Accounts System are sometimes not the best tool for doing some of the other things important in your business such as:-

  • Processing orders,
  • Preparing jobs to go into the shop floor,
  • Producing complex invoices,
  • Monitoring project material and labour costs.


These more complicated applications need to be done either manually, via spreadsheets or with specialist software.

Very often this means that the data ends up in two places and unless it is integrated it may have to be either re-typed or manually exported/imported.

With one of our seamless integration solutions we can ensure:-

  • Invoices produced in one system get posted into the account system automatically.
  • Labour data from a time and attendance system automatically gets posted into a payroll.
  • Costs on supplier invoices get automatically posted into the job costing system.
  • Credit control checks occur automatically before goods are despatched.
  • Orders received from the e-commerce site are automatically posted into the accounts System.
  • The service department when raising a service request automatically obtains the customers contact details from the Account System.
  • A data warehouse containing a corporation’s databases from multiple sources automatically gets updated.
  • Quotes turn into orders/jobs automatically without being re-typed.
  • EPOS sales posted to accounts in real time.
  • The CRM automatically creates customer records in the Accounts System as orders are won.
  • As goods are received in the warehouse the PO is available for checking and verifying.
  • Invoices from a Repeat/Scheduled Invoice system posted straight into accounts.
  • Database Integration.


The good news is however, that cloud-based such as QuickBooks, Xero and Sage amongst others have an API (Application program interface). These are developer tools that allow developers such as us ourselves to push and pull data into the account system electronically. This well-developed and reliable form of data integration is available now to integrate your systems.

The possibilities are endless, it is now possible for you to create your dream integrated business system. Automating complex and repetitive work without any additional labour costs and in the most reliable way possible. Not only saving time but also eliminating errors. This in turn will maximise efficiency and improve your profitability.  Pushing you out and in front of your competition.

Talk to one of our integration experts today and discuss how we can create seamless integration between your systems.