Administrators Password on your Server.


There is no ‘Forgotten Password’ for the Administrators password on your Server. 😲

The Administrators password is the secret key to your business. It controls your server/s, operating system settings and all the system users.

If lost you could have a business disaster on your hands. In the worst case scenario you could get into the situation where your data could get permanently locked onto a failing server which you can no longer access. 😰

Many business owners delegate this responsibility their IT team, supplier or person.

What would happen to your business if the password holder was no longer available. Disputes can occur, Firms can go into liquidation, Staff can leave and a trusted person could have a tragic accident therefore any of which could make access to this vital password impossible.

As a business owner We highly recommend you insist on your own top level Administrator Login/Password. This would be for your exclusive use and only used in an emergency. This Login/Password should be a permanent password set to never expire.

Envelope - In case of emergency

This password should be tested and once proven put in a signed/sealed envelope and saved in the company safe.

IT Administrators are often very protective of this password and try to resist such requests. Therefore they can be less than fully co-operative.

So remind them it’s your business, your server and your system and insist on having your own Administrator Login/Password moreover a second Login/Password and locked in the safe will allow them to check that you’re not going to log into the system and start playing IT manager when they don’t expect it.

So there are no excuses for not doing this. Hopefully everybody should be happy and you have taken steps to avoid a significant business disaster. 😃