Barcode Systems

Barcodes today are used in a wide variety of businesses and organisations to efficiently manage stock, orders and documents.

barcodeA barcode simply contains a number or code that can be easily, quickly and accurately read back into a computer system. There is no mystery here because the clever part is what the computer software does when the number or code is captured. Typically it will search for a specific record or set of records within a database. The database may be bespoke or inside a standard software package.Laser_Barcode_Scanner_LP150


Did you know that a barcode technology is no longer a system just for large enterprises but is now affordable and very effective for most small businesses? Recent developments in wireless and mobile computing technologies now mean that solutions can be developed on low cost standard equipment saving the cost of expensive proprietary systems.

We can provide you with a solution based on PC’s or portable devices such as these:-

Intermec CK3 hand held computer and barcode scanner using Windows mobile, low cost, PC barcode scanner.

Using barcodes boosts your efficiency and eliminates errors. They are suitable for use in the warehouse, factory, office or vehicle. They can be used to improve a wide variety of applications such as: –

  • Manufacturing
  • Order Processing
  • Stock Control
  • Document Processing
  • Inventory
  • Warehouse/logistics
  • Job Tracking
  • Production Control
  • Reducing factory paperwork
  • Membership cards
  • Retail/point of sale
  • Labelling
  • Asset control/ management

Our business software solutions and database applictions can be integrated with off the shelf systems such as Sage or Pegasus. We can support a wide variety of bar code peripherals and can guide you thro the evaluation of your needs to ensure that you get a solution that is cost effective, easy to use and ready to deliver improvements to operational efficiency.

Computerisation Limited have been providing barcode solutions for almost 20 years. Back in those days the barcode technology was very unprosessional and expensive. Therefore we are confident when we say that there has never been a better time to invest in this now professional, effective technology.


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