Is a bespoke CRM solution right for your business?


Adapting your approach to customer relationship management (CRM) doesn’t have to be a huge investment. We’ve been working for years to adapt CRM solutions to individual client needs across the UK to help them do business around the world.

By taking advantage of our expertise, you could bring significant value to your business and reduce costs in a variety of ways.

For many businesses, the value of a bespoke CRM system is without question. Often, the barrier to creating such a system isn’t understanding the benefits – it’s more about concern over the cost.

We’re sorry to say that this can be true for many businesses; companies regularly charge eye-watering amounts of money for a customised CRM that stores customers data and information on client and supplier interactions. As nice as it is to have complete functionality that wouldn’t be possible with an ‘off-the-shelf’ CRM, prohibitive pricing has prevented some businesses from taking steps to improve the way that they work.

The fact is that costs don’t need to be as high as you might think. For computerisation Ltd, the following is true.

Truly bespoke CRM engines don’t need to be created completely from scratch.

We’ve been building CRM systems for a long time, and we have many proprietary functions that we can adapt in the interests of cost control. This makes it possible for us to work to a more modest budget.

Any of the hundreds of other solutions that we’ve put into place could be a partial match for your needs. If this is the case, we’ll use that knowledge to ensure you get a very reasonable deal.

While it’s true that specific functions may be completely unique to you, that doesn’t mean you’ll be charged as if the whole thing is completely bespoke.

We’ll make sure that our CRM solution matches your needs specifically – so it will be completely efficient and easier to use.

A bespoke CRM will help to cut away any redundant features – to ensure that you and your people can focus on the important points that drive your business forward.

You’ll have exactly what you need – and nothing more when you take a CRM solution from us.

We can adapt existing processes where appropriate to stay within budget.

Bespoke CRM systems don’t need to do everything in a unique way for the sake of it.

While it’s true that your business is unique – and your method of working will be different to your competitors, you’re probably not in need of anything too unusual that would prevent us from adapting something to give you the results that you need.

Whether you need us to bridge a divide to your e-commerce store, automatically send text messages or monitor a global supply chain, a wide range of ‘bolt-on’ options are ready to get you where you need to be.

Whether we start from scratch or not, bespoke CRM systems can adapt to the changing needs of your business.

Many businesses needed to reduce or limit visibility of certain data points following the implementation of GDPR in 2018. Things can change, and if you need more or less of a particular feature, we’re ready to create an update to manage your needs.

All in all, the comparable cost of a bespoke CRM vs an off-the-shelf package isn’t really as simple as one initial amount vs another. For you to grow your business, introduce a new type of audience or stakeholder, recruit additional staff members or create a new channel of communication… it can all be done with a bespoke CRM.

When you’re ready, we’re here to offer a FREE consultation on the best solution for your business.

We’ve been through this process many times before, and we can’t wait to show you all the ways that a custom CRM solution can help your business.

Get in touch today, and we’ll help you get up and running with a completely bespoke customer management platform quickly… and within your budget.

Off The Shelf vs Bespoke Software Solutions

Off the shelf software vs bespoke software solutions. Which is right for your business?

You need to automate data to ensure that you get as much value and return on it, and everything that you do. Now you understand that, there’s another issue to consider:

Do you need a standard software solution – or something that’s been created specifically to the needs of your business… a bespoke solution.

To consider this, we need to consider the day-to-day operation of your business and your overall objective:

Do you want to reduce manual overheads around managing data?

Do you want to improve collaboration?

Do you want more security and oversight?

Do you want it all!?

Of course you do. These ‘standard’ software solutions by their nature are one for all offerings that were created as a mass marketing solution – as such, off the shelf products will usually only meet a proportion of your company’s needs.

We’ve discovered that many business owners invest into a solution only to have their best people working from spreadsheets to make up for a lack of functionality.

This is a prime example of how to waste money.

When deciding which option to take, clients go through the ‘Can it do this’ type of questions. The standard answer is nearly always yes (standard software has a lot of settings to accommodate this) but when the system goes live, clients are then jumping through hoops to perform the function that they need.

With bespoke software solutions, everything will be either fully automated – or at worst one click away as that function is factored into the design of the platform that we create.

We’ll help you navigate this minefield.

Ultimately, we’re here to offer a FREE consultation – either in person or remotely. We’ll help you answer the questions you have about how you can improve efficiency within your business, which will have an unquestionable positive impact on your bottom line.

We understand the impact that bespoke software can have, and we’re ready to implement a cost-effective solution if we agree that’s what you need.

Get in touch here and we’ll use our expertise to do everything possible to help you find answers on the wisdom of purchasing software to improve your business.

Challenge us to improve the efficiency and profitability of your business.

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We’ve seen it all.

500 copies of the same data set, teams waiting in line for their turn at the ‘master’ spreadsheet.

Client data that mysteriously disappears when new computers were provided to staff.

Quick thought: is it possible today for valuable data belonging to your company to be left in a taxi or lost to a cup of coffee being spilled on a laptop?

If not, that’s fine, but you’re by no means out of the woods unless you properly automate and protect your data with a solid solution provided by experts.

And if the risks we described COULD apply to your business, we need to arrange a free consultation with you as soon as possible!

We don’t know exactly what individual challenges you’re facing, but we do know that we’re usually able to help with weird and wonderful problems due to the bespoke and ‘tailor-made’ nature of our service.

Our free consultation will help you to:

Improve performance visibility, automated systems provide key point information allowing you to monitor workflows and financial movements easily.

Improve reliability and ensure conformity:

Automated systems by definition won’t make ‘human’ errors – and always apply business rules consistently.  Staff don’t have to worry about verifying the accuracy of any tasks as completely functionality to do this is already built in to the system.

Keep your people happy:

Repetition doesn’t just add to cost and dramatically increase the risk of errors; it can also destroy the morale and overall engagement of your people. When tasks are automated, time is released to allow for more interesting, creative, and profitable work to be done by humans who’ll have more time to attend to the business and its clients.

Improve customer experience:

Automation ensures faster turnaround times & improved customer communication. And as we mentioned, if your people are taken away from repetition, it allows them to provide a greater level of customer care.

Reduce stress:

Automated reminders ensure key tasks are always addressed and completed on time.

Automate communications:

Automated emails, texts and notifications keep suppliers, staff, customers and all those who interact with your business connected and informed.

Deploy data across multiple platforms:

Automated systems can provide real-time information on a number of platforms (including mobile devices).

We’re on hand to help your business. Get in touch to learn more about how we can improve efficiency and profitability within your business.

Growing Pains


How good employees with the wrong tools can cripple your business.

You may feel like you’re on top of data management; your team is well organised, you’ve never had any issues with loss or a breach, and everything seems to be working well.

Great. But how efficient are you really?

We’ve gone into consultation with clients so many times who thought that they were simply adding a level of security to an already efficient operation.

What we often found were spreadsheets… lots of them. Some locked, some unlocked. Some were master spreadsheets and some contained data from those.

Some were in the cloud, some on individual machines.

Let’s start by considering security of this data. If the Information Commissioner’s Office ever asked the client if they had a data breach, the only honest answer they could give would be ‘I don’t think so’.

They don’t know if a file was accessed or by whom. They don’t know if it’s been copied or sent in an e-mail. Even if a spreadsheet is password protected, this can be overcome in time if someone has a copy of the excel file.

Given time, they may be able to find some answers, but why on earth would anyone want to work like this?

We help these clients to migrate to a secure, reliable database system and they never look back.

This isn’t just about security.

There are so many reasons why dependency on spreadsheets are a bad idea. If you have a growing team, their ability to collaborate effectively can be anything from awkward to impossible. Only one excel file can be edited by one colleague at once. This can create bottlenecks as people wait to access data.

This is also one of the main reasons that employees start to duplicate information: so that their work doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s. Suddenly you have a new version of an existing data set and potentially even multiple versions. Before you know it, you have a team of good people trying their best to work together to do a good job and ultimately peddling backwards uphill.

This can cause problems with motivation and the overall level of engagement of your people.
The dangers, inefficiencies and poor working practises all compound to hurt your business.

Mammoth spreadsheets

Some of the spreadsheets we encounter are years old and have been used by a large number of people over time. As the months pass, additional cells and formulae are added and it becomes slower and more complex.

One incorrect variable can result in costly hours of forensic checking of each cell to fix the problem, and that’s if you spot the issue. If you don’t, you’re at risk of making poor decisions based on faulty data or submitting incorrect reports.

There are too many ways to list of how this can cause major regulatory, financial or other issues for an organisation.

Most importantly, automation will save you time & money.

Following severe impact from COVID-19 and lockdown in general, it’s the responsibility of all businesses to ensure that they’re as efficient as possible. The future business world will be more competitive than ever, and efficient organisations will win the day over those who are not.

We’re able to achieve a substantial cost saving to business leaders who have the foresight to automate as much as possible and put their people to better use.

Creating, manipulating and fixing issues with spreadsheets are all sure-fire ways for your business to waste money as the environment for everyone becomes more competitive than ever.

  • Make sure that you can raise accurate invoices
  • Ensure that sales leads or other valuable data sets are protected
  • Have confidence that your team won’t be brought to a halt by inefficiency or mistakes

Preparing for a future of effective data management.

And as we conclude, you may genuinely be one of the lucky ones. None of the issues we’ve highlighted may apply to you. But we all want to make sure that we’re prepared for the future.

Data automation really is an obvious way for you to improve your business. Every client we have is blown away by the results that we can help them to achieve.

And it doesn’t hurt to have our expertise on standby for anything they need!

Our clients are prepared for whatever their future working life requires them to do with their data.

They’re fully cost-effective, secure, compliant and efficient, and we’re a phone call away to make sure that they stay that way.

We’re ready to offer a free consultation and provide our expertise to ensure that you’re ready for the future too. Get in touch for a no obligation discussion of what we can do for you.

Microsoft Access – Another year of data

Is your Microsoft Access database slowing down as you add another year of data records? The good news is that you can replace the native Access data engine, designed for modest volumes of data,  with a high volume Microsoft SQL server database platform.









All your familiar Access forms, reports and procedures can be bolted into the SQL Server platform energising your system at the same time minimising the disruption that comes with a completely new system.

Clients we have done this for see a huge boost in performance and enjoy being released from all the limitations of the original Access platform.

Data volumes become virtually unlimited and the new SQL platform enables integration with other systems, mobile apps and browser solutions. Restrictions from having too many users in the system at the same time evaporate. Data can be locked down, secured and shared selectively.

Compared with bringing in a completely new system this can be very affordable. If you wish to see if this solution could work for your business, why don’t you give us a call.

Could your business benefit from additional automation?


We all know that highly automated businesses are more efficient have higher productivity and reduced costs, however there are also more subtle benefits that are often overlooked such as:

Performance Visibility, automated systems provide key point information allowing you to monitor workflows and financial movements easily.

Reliability & Conformance, automated systems make less mistakes and always apply business rules consistently.  Staff need not worry about verifying the accuracy of the tasks they undertake as it’s all built in to the system.

Happier Staff, work is more interesting when it is not repetitive, when repetitive tasks are automated time is released to be more creative attending to the needs of the business and its customers.

Improved Customer Experience, automation allows for faster turnaround times and better customer communications. Happier staff as mentioned above provide a greater level of customer care.

Reduced Stress, Automated reminders ensure key tasks are always addressed on time.

Automated Communications, Automated emails, texts and notifications keep suppliers, staff, customers and all those who interact with your business connected and informed.

Multi-platform deployment, Automated systems can provide up to date information on a multitude of platforms and mobile devices.

Automating a business is an on going process of small steps. This process starts with identifying areas for improvement and the evaluating likely savings against possible costs.  We provide an Automation Review Service and for local businesses to the Cardiff area this is often free of charge.

If you feel we can help please do not hesitate to contact us.

Benefits of Automating Your Business

Highly automated businesses leave their competitors behind.

Businesses bogged down with paper work or where staff are spending hours on spreadsheets have higher costs and are much less profitable than highly automated competitors.

zwei junge leute arbeiten im büro

Today we have so many tools available to automate and communicate.

Most businesses have already automated their prime data processing tasks, however there are some activities where automation is not so obvious and very often these continue to generate unnecessary hidden costs, activities such as: –

  • Repeatedly updating a spreadsheet with new information.
  • Entering data that is in one computer system into a second system
  • Re-Typing orders or enquiries from a website
  • Constantly looking up the same thing up on the internet
  • Pulling information together from multiple documents/sources
  • Cutting and pasting into repetitive emails
  • Chasing up suppliers/customers by phone/email
  • Using paper forms or any type of paper filling system
  • Recording information in more than one place
  • Renewals – Services, Certificates, Health checks or Warranties
  • Spending more than 2 hours a day on a single spreadsheet

Today businesses both large and small thrive by using computer systems that adopt these technologies:

  • Cloud databases
  • Automated data processing
  • Mobile Connectivity
  • Databases and automated data distribution
  • Notifications & Location tracking
  • Graphics/Images and dashboards
  • Data reporting and analysis

Several of the above technologies have only become affordable in the last ten years, therefore to stay one step ahead, there is a need to regularly review your business processes with the technologies available.

Automated Business enjoy:-

  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Quality & Consistency
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Deliver a superior customer experience
  • Happier staff

Computerisation Limited have the experienced consultants available to undertake an Automation Review for your business.  Talk with us today.

Administrators Password on your Server.


There is no ‘Forgotten Password’ for the Administrators password on your Server. 😲

The Administrators password is the secret key to your business. It controls your server/s, operating system settings and all the system users.

If lost you could have a business disaster on your hands. In the worst case scenario you could get into the situation where your data could get permanently locked onto a failing server which you can no longer access. 😰

Many business owners delegate this responsibility their IT team, supplier or person.

What would happen to your business if the password holder was no longer available. Disputes can occur, Firms can go into liquidation, Staff can leave and a trusted person could have a tragic accident therefore any of which could make access to this vital password impossible.

As a business owner We highly recommend you insist on your own top level Administrator Login/Password. This would be for your exclusive use and only used in an emergency. This Login/Password should be a permanent password set to never expire.

Envelope - In case of emergency

This password should be tested and once proven put in a signed/sealed envelope and saved in the company safe.

IT Administrators are often very protective of this password and try to resist such requests. Therefore they can be less than fully co-operative.

So remind them it’s your business, your server and your system and insist on having your own Administrator Login/Password moreover a second Login/Password and locked in the safe will allow them to check that you’re not going to log into the system and start playing IT manager when they don’t expect it.

So there are no excuses for not doing this. Hopefully everybody should be happy and you have taken steps to avoid a significant business disaster. 😃

See your database visually

Everyone who uses data needs to know about Power BI. It can be used to so easily to visualise your data.

You can easily create Reports, Graphs, Charts and Map visuals.

Yet so few people know about it. Its one of the best products Microsoft have produced and its not expensive. Its easy to use and there are a lot of free training videos to help you learn.

In my example below its as simple as:-

1. Choose Visual
2. Choose data Table/Field
3. Select which records to show

Power BI Visual Example of Data

Power BI Visual Example of Data

You can create a Report or a dashboard with one or lots of visuals. There are 4 in the photo below, namely a Graph, Chart, Map and Table. They all interact with each other so when you choose say a product type on the table, the Maps and Graphs automatically refresh to show data for just that product.

Power BI can connect to a number of database sources, including Microsoft SQL Server.

We highly recomend you look at this short 3 miniute video.