Business Database Services

As software developers based in Cardiff, we specialise in database applications for a wide variety of clients from small businesses to local government. Our new systems are normally built on a Microsoft SQL Server SQL Serverdatabase platform.


Client applications can be built to run on:-

  • PC Windows Form
  • Web Browser
  • Windows mobile devices
    or a combination of 1 or more of the above

We have extensive experience replacing legacy systems with the latest SQL Server technologies. We have created new systems from the following legacy technologies:-

  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Paradox
  • Dbase
  • DB2
  • Foxpro
  • File maker
  • Lotus notes
    + many others
    If your existing database is struggling to cope, and most importantly reducing the performance of your business, Computerisation Limited can provide you with a quotation for transferring your system to a new Microsoft SQL Server system.


Benefits Of Microsoft SQL Server
  • Fast multi-user access
  • A virtually bullet proof platform for reliability
  • Intelligent data processing
  • Transactional updates
  • Data security
  • Automated events & reminders
  • Audit trails where required
  • Multi site synchronisation
    This will ensure your business runs with maximum data efficiency.


Cardiff Software Developers, Computerisation Limited have been business database specialists and bespoke software developers since 1989. Computerisation Limited, based in Penarth Marina, in Cardiff Bay, South Wales, develop business software systems and database applications for clients throughout the UK.