CoilColor Ltd


Coilcolor Ltd – Development of Manufacturing Stock and Sales Order Processing System

The Client

Colorgroup comprises of two companies, Coilcolor Ltd and Colorpro Systems Ltd. Colorgroup evolved in the ‘90s and they are based in Newport.

Coilcolor is one of the largest independent paint coating lines in the UK, specialising in organic coating of steel and aluminium coils. They offer a wide range of protective finishes and colours to suit their customer’s requirements. Colorpro Systems Ltd manufacture profiled sheeting from coil, supplied by Coilcolor.

Coilcolor has an unrivaled position in the marketplace due to the unique service it provides. The company has the ability to produce both extremely low and high volume quantities, a wide choice of colours and short lead times. Among their prestigious clients are B&Q, Ikea and Jaguar.

The Challenge

The original stock control and sales processing system was implemented by Computerisation in 1992. Since then Coilcolor’s business model has undergone substantial changes and the original system with its ageing technology base no longer serviced the demands of this highly competitive industry.

The Solution

Computerisation developed two highly sophisticated, bespoke systems for the company – a Sales Order Processing System and Stock Control System. The new systems efficiently manage Coilcolor’s complex product matrix. This consists of many product variables including stock code, material, colour etc.
The new systems were created to synchronize with Sage MMS accounts system, providing the company with the best of both worlds – two systems which precisely meet their needs working together in unison. Furthermore, integration with Sage MMS accounts system has reduced administration time and costs by avoiding the need for multiple data entry.

Coilcolor have achieved a sustainable competitive advantage through their quick turnaround times within the intensive manufacturing process. Improved administration has enhanced that advantage which was made possible by the implementation of Computerisation’s systems.

From a customer service aspect Computerisation’s systems provide the company with the ability to monitor stock efficiently, satisfying customer demand with minimum order quantities as low as 300 meters.


“Computerisation’s professional approach interpreted our unique requirements exactly and produced a system that is spot on”


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