Prior to the system developed by Computerisation Ltd, Dacey used a Paradox system – a non Windows system that limits the scope of their business. The system had become so inflexible that it had become a hindrance to the development of their company as their competitors where able to offer far more in the way of IT support and management.

With their new systems installed, they were able to work in a common database using the SQL Server database which resulted in many different improvements like faster order processing, improved customer services, enhanced business, and unlimited future development potential. These allows their company to be more competitive in the market place with an IT system that will be substantially more advance than any of their competitors.

“Dear Clive, 

I write with regard to our new bespoke Patient Database and Diary System – DaceyBase, which your company, Computerisation Ltd, recently developed and installed. 

Previous to your system we were using a Paradox, non windows system which had become very outdated and was limiting the scope of our business. Since the installation, which I must add was achieved with a very minimal amount of disruption, our IT management capability has been transformed. 

We now have a windows management system linked to a SQL database which has resulted in many different improvements in the short time we have had the system. These include

  • Faster Order Processing
  • Improved Customer Services
  • Increased KPI Reporting 
  • Enhanced Business Image
  • Access to and increased awareness of Financial Data 
  • Unlimited Future Development Potential 

All of the above will now allow the company to compete in the market place with an IT system that, we believe, will be substantially more advanced than any of our competitors.

This letter is to thank you Clive for all of the hard work that has been carried out in order to make this possible. I can, without hesitation, thoroughly reccomend you, and the services of your company to anyone.”

Bob Cooper
Managing director


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