Peter O’Neil


Peter O’Neil Services (PONS) – Development of a bespoke service call management and maintenance system.
The Client

Established in 1995 and now with a team of over 70, Peter O’Neil Services (PONS) based in Cwmbran provides gas, oil, solid fuel appliance and smoke alarm servicing plus domestic plumbing and general building repairs to both the private and public sector via a fully manned callout system.

The Issue

Previously Peter O’Neil used a number of old original systems to manage their service to private clients. The customer service system allowed only single user access, and did not provide the level of functionality which the growing business required. Parts ordering and resource scheduling was undertaken in different systems, necessitating a degree of data entry duplication.

The Solution

Computerisation created a private clients database system which provides end-to-end visibility of the client management process, from initial call logging, scheduling of service calls, progress tracking, spare parts order processing and customer invoicing.

The Benefits

The new database provides much more accurate information at both user and managerial levels, enabling users to track calls more effectively and enabling management to monitor key customer service metrics. Customer service has improved significantly in terms of more rapid and accurate response to queries, more efficient scheduling of service visits and faster ordering of required parts.

From a service perspective, customers are dealt with more efficiently, with staff having immediate access to customer details and previous service history. Peter O’Neil has also received favourable comments from customers on the professional look of the paperwork which is generated by the new system.

From a resource allocation perspective, Peter O’Neil is able to better schedule its service engineers, increasing productivity by more effectively planning appointment timetables. The parts order processing module also minimises repetitive work thus saving valuable lost man hours on menial tasks.

From a financial perspective, invoices are now generated more quickly which has had an immediate positive benefit on cashflow. The system also allows provides clearer management data for improved financial information and decision making.


“Our new database provides us with much more accurate information and a much improved customer service”….”it has proven to be an excellent investment for our company”


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