Treforest Tiling Ltd


Treforest Tiling are based in Bridgend. They build roofs on new houses for some of the biggest names in the house building industry. Their system written by Computerisation Ltd allows them to control the purchasing of raw materials and the supply of subcontractor labour against individual building sites and house plots. New jobs are set up in the computer system and then each plot is entered specifying the house type. Data entry is completed quickly as the labour tasks and raw materials are updated automatically from a databank. Whole jobs or subsections of jobs can be replicated with exceptional ease and quickness, providing a template system to further speed up site management.

The work completed by each subcontractor is logged for each plot thus allowing the management team to see exactly what work has been completed where and by whom. The system will then calculate subcontractor payments after taking into account tax, insurance and any other additions or deductions. Cash sales issued directly from the system managed yard stock provide extensive flexibility to meet the needs of every kind of customer.

Purchase orders are created through the system where they can be monitored until delivery is received. When delivery is received the purchasing invoices can be easily checked to ensure that Treforest tiling is being charged the correct amount. The system creates a file that is passed to Sage Line 50 to electronically update the company’s purchase ledger.

  • The system provides Treforest tiling with the following significant benefits:-
  • Complete control over each job and the work done on each plot.
  • Efficient deployment of raw materials and control of materials in stock including check and measure stock take safeguards.
  • Effective administration procedures processing subcontractor payments quickly.
  • Extensive data report options providing a visually attractive and clearly presented reproduction of management data.
  • Open ended system architecture allowing future inclusion of enhancements to fulfil new strategic business ventures.


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