Growing Pains


How good employees with the wrong tools can cripple your business.

You may feel like you’re on top of data management; your team is well organised, you’ve never had any issues with loss or a breach, and everything seems to be working well.

Great. But how efficient are you really?

We’ve gone into consultation with clients so many times who thought that they were simply adding a level of security to an already efficient operation.

What we often found were spreadsheets… lots of them. Some locked, some unlocked. Some were master spreadsheets and some contained data from those.

Some were in the cloud, some on individual machines.

Let’s start by considering security of this data. If the Information Commissioner’s Office ever asked the client if they had a data breach, the only honest answer they could give would be ‘I don’t think so’.

They don’t know if a file was accessed or by whom. They don’t know if it’s been copied or sent in an e-mail. Even if a spreadsheet is password protected, this can be overcome in time if someone has a copy of the excel file.

Given time, they may be able to find some answers, but why on earth would anyone want to work like this?

We help these clients to migrate to a secure, reliable database system and they never look back.

This isn’t just about security.

There are so many reasons why dependency on spreadsheets are a bad idea. If you have a growing team, their ability to collaborate effectively can be anything from awkward to impossible. Only one excel file can be edited by one colleague at once. This can create bottlenecks as people wait to access data.

This is also one of the main reasons that employees start to duplicate information: so that their work doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s. Suddenly you have a new version of an existing data set and potentially even multiple versions. Before you know it, you have a team of good people trying their best to work together to do a good job and ultimately peddling backwards uphill.

This can cause problems with motivation and the overall level of engagement of your people.
The dangers, inefficiencies and poor working practises all compound to hurt your business.

Mammoth spreadsheets

Some of the spreadsheets we encounter are years old and have been used by a large number of people over time. As the months pass, additional cells and formulae are added and it becomes slower and more complex.

One incorrect variable can result in costly hours of forensic checking of each cell to fix the problem, and that’s if you spot the issue. If you don’t, you’re at risk of making poor decisions based on faulty data or submitting incorrect reports.

There are too many ways to list of how this can cause major regulatory, financial or other issues for an organisation.

Most importantly, automation will save you time & money.

Following severe impact from COVID-19 and lockdown in general, it’s the responsibility of all businesses to ensure that they’re as efficient as possible. The future business world will be more competitive than ever, and efficient organisations will win the day over those who are not.

We’re able to achieve a substantial cost saving to business leaders who have the foresight to automate as much as possible and put their people to better use.

Creating, manipulating and fixing issues with spreadsheets are all sure-fire ways for your business to waste money as the environment for everyone becomes more competitive than ever.

  • Make sure that you can raise accurate invoices
  • Ensure that sales leads or other valuable data sets are protected
  • Have confidence that your team won’t be brought to a halt by inefficiency or mistakes

Preparing for a future of effective data management.

And as we conclude, you may genuinely be one of the lucky ones. None of the issues we’ve highlighted may apply to you. But we all want to make sure that we’re prepared for the future.

Data automation really is an obvious way for you to improve your business. Every client we have is blown away by the results that we can help them to achieve.

And it doesn’t hurt to have our expertise on standby for anything they need!

Our clients are prepared for whatever their future working life requires them to do with their data.

They’re fully cost-effective, secure, compliant and efficient, and we’re a phone call away to make sure that they stay that way.

We’re ready to offer a free consultation and provide our expertise to ensure that you’re ready for the future too. Get in touch for a no obligation discussion of what we can do for you.