Microsoft Access – Another year of data

Is your Microsoft Access database slowing down as you add another year of data records? The good news is that you can replace the native Access data engine, designed for modest volumes of data,  with a high volume Microsoft SQL server database platform.









All your familiar Access forms, reports and procedures can be bolted into the SQL Server platform energising your system at the same time minimising the disruption that comes with a completely new system.

Clients we have done this for see a huge boost in performance and enjoy being released from all the limitations of the original Access platform.

Data volumes become virtually unlimited and the new SQL platform enables integration with other systems, mobile apps and browser solutions. Restrictions from having too many users in the system at the same time evaporate. Data can be locked down, secured and shared selectively.

Compared with bringing in a completely new system this can be very affordable. If you wish to see if this solution could work for your business, why don’t you give us a call.