No, Automation Will Not Destroy Jobs.

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Automation is happening in nearly every area of industry. For many, this creates concern that there will be a massive reduction in employment as machines and automated processes take over.

What people often forget is that automation of manual tasks has been carried out for centuries, and as companies reach a ‘new normal’ of efficiency, business leaders choose to invest in people to take their product or service delivery to a new level.

Certainly over the last 150 years, many have predicted that automation is going to cause massive unemployment and render humans obsolete. We see claims by CEOs of major companies that the impact of AI and widespread automation will lead to the removal of people from the equation.

The key question is this: who are these processes being carried out for?

No matter how evolved AI becomes, the work done by it will be valued by how it drives revenue from consumers. If EVERY company has worked with a business like ours to automate as much as possible – then the competitive edge will still need to be found. This edge comes from the redeployment of people in new and innovative ways. Delivering a more attentive and personal level of service for example.

For the most part, automation in the last few hundred years took routine, monotonous, and physically dangerous or demanding tasks away from people. Despite the fact that a large amount of manufacturing was becoming automated, the number of workers grew, because the increase in productivity led to a decrease in the cost of cloth, making it more affordable for people to own several pieces of clothing, which then led to more demand and the need for… more workers.

So automation seems to have created more wealth and opportunity by increasing the productivity of humans. In the farming industry, farms produce more in less time due to automation – and there is still phenomenal demand for people in farming; demand that first world countries still struggle to meet.

Cash machines, word processors, auto cad software, self checkout machines and countless other innovations were all thought to be the harbinger of mass unemployment. The truth is that you refine automation and innovate to strengthen your company and reduce cost. This efficiency gives you the opportunity for people to do what they do best; give you the edge when working to build and grow.

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