Off The Shelf vs Bespoke Software Solutions

Off the shelf software vs bespoke software solutions. Which is right for your business?

You need to automate data to ensure that you get as much value and return on it, and everything that you do. Now you understand that, there’s another issue to consider:

Do you need a standard software solution – or something that’s been created specifically to the needs of your business… a bespoke solution.

To consider this, we need to consider the day-to-day operation of your business and your overall objective:

Do you want to reduce manual overheads around managing data?

Do you want to improve collaboration?

Do you want more security and oversight?

Do you want it all!?

Of course you do. These ‘standard’ software solutions by their nature are one for all offerings that were created as a mass marketing solution – as such, off the shelf products will usually only meet a proportion of your company’s needs.

We’ve discovered that many business owners invest into a solution only to have their best people working from spreadsheets to make up for a lack of functionality.

This is a prime example of how to waste money.

When deciding which option to take, clients go through the ‘Can it do this’ type of questions. The standard answer is nearly always yes (standard software has a lot of settings to accommodate this) but when the system goes live, clients are then jumping through hoops to perform the function that they need.

With bespoke software solutions, everything will be either fully automated – or at worst one click away as that function is factored into the design of the platform that we create.

We’ll help you navigate this minefield.

Ultimately, we’re here to offer a FREE consultation – either in person or remotely. We’ll help you answer the questions you have about how you can improve efficiency within your business, which will have an unquestionable positive impact on your bottom line.

We understand the impact that bespoke software can have, and we’re ready to implement a cost-effective solution if we agree that’s what you need.

Get in touch here and we’ll use our expertise to do everything possible to help you find answers on the wisdom of purchasing software to improve your business.