Paid On Time Credit Control Software

It’s your money – so why should your customers have it instead of you?

Take Control, and know where your money is.

  • Get it in quickly – automatically
  • Reduce time spent on credit control
  • Know when it’s coming I’m
  • Know who’s holding out with your money
  • Record everything and know the history

Integrates with Sage 200, Sage 50 & Other Accounts Systems
PaidOnTime Credit Control system ensures you are Paid On Time as it integrates with your accounts system database and monitors unpaid invoices. It triggers automated emails, reminders and produces telephone call lists at the appropriate stage.

You set up the business rules as to how hard or how softly different clients are to be chased. The system does the rest. There is also a pre-emptive email available for high value invoices gently reminding the client a few days before the due date, as soon as an invoice is paid all further actions to chase that invoice are suspended.


Automated Credit Controller
Emailing clients and creating telephone call lists when invoices reach certain key dates or promises to pay become due.

Get Paid sooner
When a customer knows you don’t chase they become complacent about paying. Encourage your customers to treat you as a priority supplier.

Dissolve Excuses
Understand your customer’s barriers to payment and quickly respond with the appropriate action.Email Copy invoices with every reminder.

Save Money
Reduce interest charges

Reduce staff/administration costs

PaidOnTime is compatible with almost all leading database and accounts systems. Please call to confirm compatibility with your existing in-house systems.


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