Where do paper forms stand in 2020?

I just had to complete a long paper form in handwriting for an insurance
claim. Not only does this seem old fashioned, I realised how much has my handwriting deteriorated nophoto-1521791055366-0d553872125fw that everything is electronic.

I was so embarrassed about my handwriting, I had to put a post-it note on the
form with my phone number asking them to call me if they couldn’t read

Would it not have been so much simpler if this company would’ve just been
able to email me a link to fill the form in electronically via a web
browser? I could’ve easily corrected any errors, double checked it, printed
a copy for my own purposes and sent it off.

The form would then arrive electronically in the offices instantly with no
need for the information to be re-entered manually. The form could also
ensure that simple errors are correct it prior to the form being sent back.

Are you still asking your clients/suppliers to fill-in paper forms?

If so contact us directly to find out how cost-effective and straight-forward it is
to collect data electronically and put it straight into a company database!