ClockInOut – Clock your staff & visitors in and out by reading their finger with a biometric reader

  •  Eliminates buddy clocking (when using a biometric reader)
  • Eliminates paper time-sheets as time sheets created automatically •
  • Flexitime automated and easy to use
  •  Management can view who is in or out at any time Biometric Technology makes using ClockInOut so simple.

Click here for a ClockInOut Video Demo

FingerUpSimply place you finger on the scanner or stare into or Face Recognition web cam and that’s it! You are now clocked in (or out) the system has automatically captured the date and time.

The attendance record is created automatically. Your name is now displayed on the list of people clocked in. Management can view this list at any time. Watch Fingerdownglowsmall160Demo Video

An enrolment form like the one shown here will appear. You will need to fill in the first name, surname and chosen employee reference. When you have entered all the information click the enrol button and the system will quickly take 3 sample readings of that users finger.EnrollmentScreenWeb

But what can I use the system for? 

You can easily and accurately monitor time keeping and attendance.

You can quickly log visitors and sub-contractors. The system can even log car registration numbers, badge numbers or whom a visitor is meeting.

This system would easily allow for a flexitime system as total hours for specified time periods can also be calculated.

You can display a report for employee time worked for a current day or between any two dates.

The system comes with a full set of management reports. Additional Bespoke reports can be added for a small additional charge when required.
Please note a persons fingerprint is not captured by our Biometric Time & Attendance system just biometric data from the finger. Therefore users may be assured of fingerprint confidentiality.

In Out Board

Our electronic In/Out board lets you instantly see who is in and who is out from any networked pc in your organisation.Click here for further details.

Optional – Holiday and Away Day planner

The ClockInOut system now has the option for a Holiday Planner which can monitor and control both non-attendance and Holidays (including statutory holidays) sickness and other forms of absence. Click here to see how the ClockInOut Holiday planner can help you take total control your staff holiday resources.

NEW – Cloud database option

If you have multiple locations or branches use cloud our database service to collect time and attendance data in one central database.

NEW – Optional Android & iOS Mobile Apps

Business owners use one of our mobile apps to see who is clocked in at anytime. This app can also be used for a Roll call after an emergency evacuation.


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