Frequently asked questions for ClockInOut: 

Will this system be an infringement of the privacy of my staff?  Not at all, this device only stores a numerical data impression of a finger which can not be converted back to a fingerprint. 

How long will it take to register a new user in the system?  It takes roughly 30 seconds to register a single finger, after that you simply enter their name and let the system take three sample readings. It’s quick enough to register visitors and sub contractors. 

What if a member of my staff has a minor cut/bruise on their finger, or if its dirty?  The reader is designed to take the image from the tissues below the surface of the skin, so minor skin abrasions are not a problem. 

Why use fingerprints?  Swipe cards can be lost or damaged. PIN numbers, passwords can be shared or misused. You always have your finger print and it is the most accurate and reliable way to identify someone. 

How many staff will the system allow me to enter?  The system is configured to allow you to enter a maximum of 250 staff. However, we do have alternative products for larger workforces. 


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