CRM – Office Automation

Minimum outlay – Maximum return

Our off-the-shelf Contact Relationship Management (CRM) and Office Automation system provides an easy to set up business automation for any organisation that needs to communicate with others.

Our system comes as a complete off-the shelf package with the ability to add bespoke modules for other tasks if required.

The system sorts and indexes all the contacts your organisation deals with.  Its high performance contact search functions allow you to find an individual contact with just a few key strokes.

You are then able to communicate with that person, via, letter, email, phone or SMS with a click of a button. All communications being automatically logged and indexed.

You can attach documents to that contact record. These are indexed in the system together with automated communication described above so at any time by clicking on a document or communication record you can instantly see the contents of that communication or document.

The systems powerful duplication algorithms check as each contact is entered that you’re not adding the same person a second time.

Once in the system contacts can be organised into lists and sets for marketing, sales or event organisation lists etc.

Reminders can be set to follow up on-going activities at a future date.

Triggers can be used to provide contract renewals for servicing or membership subscriptions etc.

CRM Business Benefits:-

Understand your clients
Log their comments desires and wishes
Know what was said & by whom
See what was agreed and when

Improve client service
Find customer records instantly
Personalise all communications with knowledge about your clients

Work efficiently
Everything is on-screen and not in a filing cabinet
Share activities and schedules with your colleagues
Communicate with your customers at the touch of a button
Schedule reminders, to-do tasks & appointments
Capture web enquiries electronically (option)
Use your telephone system to auto dial & identify callers (Option)

Typical CRM Applications:-

Enquiry processing
Sales Leads
Service Records
Patient Details
Membership Management
Event Management
Order Processing
Fees & Billing

Some of the above may benefit from an additional bespoke module.

Our CRM system is available to purchase or lease, contact us today to discuss how the Computerisation CRM and Office Automation system can make your business highly efficient for a very affordable outlay.


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