See your database visually

Everyone who uses data needs to know about Power BI. It can be used to so easily to visualise your data.

You can easily create Reports, Graphs, Charts and Map visuals.

Yet so few people know about it. It’s one of the best products Microsoft have produced and it’s not expensive. It’s easy to use and there are a lot of free training videos to help you learn.

In my example below its as simple as:-

1. Choose Visual
2. Choose data Table/Field
3. Select which records to show

Power BI Visual Example of Data

Power BI Visual Example of Data

You can create a Report or a dashboard with one or lots of visuals. There are 4 in the photo below, namely a Graph, Chart, Map and Table. They all interact with each other so when you choose say a product type on the table, the Maps and Graphs automatically refresh to show data for just that product.

Power BI can connect to a number of database sources, including Microsoft SQL Server.

We highly recommend you look at this short 3-minute video.