Automating Excel Spreadsheets


The true cost of using spreadsheets to process company data

Increase efficiency with your spreadsheets by converting them into a database. This will save you time and money.

What your problem may be:

  • For a manager on £25k, spending 2 hours a day working on spreadsheet data – £8,064 a year*
  • For three administrators on £18k, maintaining data for 3 hours a day each in spreadsheets – £26,151
  • An SME Business owner spending 2 hours a day working on spreadsheets – £19,200 a year.

Read our full report here: TrueCostOfSpreadsheets

Our Solution:
A mini-app costing as little as £1,200 from Computerisation could automate and significantly reduce or even completely eliminate the time spent manipulating data in spreadsheets – Saving thousands of pounds year on year.

Make it a system – automate manual tasks and cut costs.
Like many business people you or your colleagues probably keep data in a spreadsheet, and initially it works just fine, problem solved. However after a short while the number of spreadsheets you work with increases and you spend a large proportion of time tweaking them to get them to pass data between your growing library of spreadsheets.
Your colleagues can not access the data from your spreadsheet when you are working on it. Additionally when they do make data changes, they may not be what you are expecting or you cannot quickly find the answers to what you are looking for.
Worse still, as a few clone copies of your spreadsheet have now been created (to overcome the single user issue), you no longer have the confidence that the version you are now entering data into is the latest!
This is a typical example of spreadsheet practice in all types of organisations and businesses today. Many people simply do not appreciate that they are skating on thin ice when they use spreadsheets to store important business data.
Permanent data needs to be stored in a database. Spreadsheets are great for financial modelling, that is what they were designed for, they can store limited volumes of data but that is not what they are designed to do.
Most business people use spreadsheets too often and too much as a crutch to avoid learning the more complicated but sophisticated features of databases. This can result in:-

  • Many hours of expensive management time consumed unnecessarily.
  • Poor management decisions based on inaccurate or incomplete data.
  • A high risk of losing critical business data.

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