Developing Business Databases

What is a database?

A database is built for storing data in an efficient manner. A number of database platforms are available. Microsoft has two main types, Access and SQL Server.  Access is a good tool for small databases requiring lower volumes of data and generally a handful of users.  It is often the preferred choice for small businesses. Microsoft SQL server is the more powerful industry standard for databases with high volumes of data and high volumes of users.

Microsoft SQL Server is the perfect choice for growing businesses looking for a high quality database platform. Microsoft have introduced affordable, or even free Entry Level editions but, crucially, the system grows with your business and the Server can be upgraded and made more powerful to meet new demands as and when this may be required.

A database developed for you by Computerisation Ltd will provide you with:

  • Automated Data Processing
  • Bullet Proof reliability
  • Fast Multi User access
  • Multi-site synchronisation
  • Highly intelligent data processing
  • High level security

Computerisation Limited specialises in database updates for business systems. Using our professional services as software developers, we help you to overcome the limitations inherent in older database systems. If your existing database is struggling to cope and keep up with daily demands, Computerisation Ltd can provide you with new, high spec, affordable business database; strengthening your IT capabilities both locally and/or globally.
Our database systems can be built to run on either one, or a combination of: PC Windows Forms, MAC computers, Web Browsers, and Mobile devices, including Android, IOS (iPhone/iPad) & Windows Mobile.

A database built by us will deliver outstanding performance across hundreds of users, whether in house or across the world via the Internet. Maintaining, manipulating and reporting on data that is vital to your business.


Cardiff Software Developers, Computerisation Limited have been business database specialists and bespoke software developers since 1989. Computerisation Limited, based in Cardiff, South Wales, develop business software systems and database applications for clients throughout the UK.