Internet Data Collection

Are you still bound by Paper Forms?worldwideweb300

Are you sending data around the globe?

Do you need to collect and distribute data over the internet?

These days the people that you deal with can use a secure web site and complete the forms on line. Saving them time and the need to handle and distribute paper forms. Furthermore the data is already in your database saving the need to type the forms in once received.We at Computerisation Ltd are database experts who specialise in collecting data over the internet. Once collected we can also process the data passing it to your in-house systems for further processing.The benefits of collecting data electronically are:-

· Speed – Instant transfer to your in-house systems

· Reliability – Data verified at point of entry, eliminating mistakes

· Service – More convenient for the people you deal with

· Distribution – The data entered in branches is instantly available at head office

· Prestige – Your business looks far more professional

· Savings – Reduce or eliminate postage, stationery and fax costs.

Our solutions can work in parallel with your existing web site if required. There is no need to redevelop your website to provide a remote data entry solution. We provide both hosted and self-hosted options.

Typical Applications:-
  • Customer Orders
  • Customer Surveys
  • Periodic Returns
  • Distributed Branch Job Control
  • Customer Bookings
  • Application Forms
  • Delivery/Collection logging
  • Database Updates

When you need to collect data from people outside your internal computer network the easiest and most efficient way of doing this is by using web based data collection forms on the Internet. Passwords and built in security ensure that only authorized personnel enter data.

The Microsoft Windows Mobile platform enables you to use hand held devices such as smart phones to also be used as data entry devices.

Computerisation Limited design Web based data entry forms are easy to use. They are usually connected to a Microsoft SQL Server database to ensure that the data is safe and secure.


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