Microsoft Office 365 Automation


Microsoft PowerApps

Microsoft PowerApps is a powerful tool to help automate your Microsoft Office 365 products. Microsoft PowerApps allows you to have a custom-built app integrated to your Office 365 products giving you real-time data as the information is being inputted into the PowerApps application meaning the days of waiting around for results are no more! Microsoft PowerApps are available to use on PC’s, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Devices meaning you can work wherever, whenever.

Are you finding that your business is spending countless hours inputting data into Excel Spreadsheets? Not only do Spreadsheets take time to complete, costing your business needless hours that could be better spent elsewhere, they are also a cause for misplaced data. As spreadsheets only allow single-user input, many people create copies of an Excel Spreadsheet to overcome this enhancing the possibility of data either being misplaced, lost or overwritten. Microsoft PowerApps help avoid this disruption by allowing each user to enter data at real-time without needing to wait for one person to finish what they were doing.


Microsoft Power BI

Reporting data is an important tool for businesses, especially reporting data to deliver to your customers. By automating Office 365,  you will have reporting tools such as Microsoft Power BI readily available with the most up-to-date data in seconds, whether you need a brief breakdown of your data or a more aesthetically pleasing form of your                                                  data you can build your report to suit your needs!


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