Systems Integration

SoftwareItegration300Generic order processing and stock control systems are unlikely to meet your exact needs. Don’t compromise your business with systems that may hinder productivity, ultimately affecting profitability. Your business will benefit from a customised order processing system that can be integrated to your existing systems.

The best of both worlds…

Computerisation Limited are a team of professional software developers whose extensive experience can provide the solution for your organisation. We have worked with a diverse
range of clients from SME’s to Governmental departments, all of which have specific needs.

Software Integration

While core accounts modules such as Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger & Nominal Ledger may
meet your requirements, a customised order processing system and stock control system
designed specifically for your company to your budget, will ensure maximum efficiency and

Businesses with complex product profiles will particularly benefit from customised stock control systems where the master stock record can be designed to hold all the properties of your product profile, saving you time from creating an unnecessary number of stock lines.

In most cases the customised modules are written to pass data electronically to the core accounts modules preventing the need for multiple data entry and ultimately reducing administration time.

At Computerisation we work closely with our clients to identify their needs and deliver a system to marry those needs. Our company ethos is centred around customer service, all our customers receive full staff training and on going support.


Cardiff Software Developers, Computerisation Limited have been business database specialists and bespoke software developers since 1989. Computerisation Limited, based in Cardiff, South Wales, develop business software systems and database applications for clients throughout the UK.