Spreadsheet vs Database?

Spreadsheets are easy to use but they are not the best tool for storing data.  Spreadsheet

Are you storing your company data in spreadsheets? Many businesses do. However they’re not always the answer and more often the problem!

Used appropriately, spreadsheets can play an important part in running a business. However, because they are easy to use, many companies use them as databases at the expense of efficiency.

Using a database like Microsoft SQL Server instead, has many advantages including:-

  • Easier to share information – therefore saving time and money
  • Faster & more reliable Data entry – reducing errors
  • More efficient – freeing time for more productive use
  • Less duplication – less room for error
  • Better capacity – easy management of large volumes of data
  • Enhanced security – peace of mind
  • Easier reporting – all the information you need in one secure place

Spreadsheets – A big Hidden Cost

Many businesses are unaware of the hidden cost of spreadsheets. Moreover a bespoke database system with automated processing and management reports can provide the required information for a fraction of the cost.


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