SQL Server database backup

Backing up SQL Server database/s.

Backing up SQL Server Databases

SQL server databases installed on an in-house server are normally open 24/7.  Because of this you need a backup tool that will back up the open database files.  This is because  a generic  backup program will just ignore open files.

You can back up your database files by writing an SQL Query.  However, if this is beyond your normal skill set, you can ask a database specialist such as Computerisation Ltd to this for you.  Alternatively, you can choose from a number of tools that will back up your database/s properly.

Tools such as: –

Microsoft Management Studio: Will allow you to make complete or incremental backups by selecting the database then choosing a few menu options.  Please note however that the free of charge ‘Express’ editions do not have the functionality to automate and schedule backups.  Management Studio will create a backup copy file of the database. This file should then be copied to a safe location outside of the server.   Click here for further information.

SQLBackupandFTP:   Is a sensibly priced 3rd part program with an easy set up wizard. It will allow you to create scheduled backups. These will then be automatically compressed and optionally copied to a cloud server or FTP site.  Click here For further information.

Many on-line backup services have an SQL server add-in to their client. However this may be a chargeable extra.