Custom Software: A Smart Investment

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If you’re trying to decide whether to go for off-the-shelf or custom software, you’re not alone. From tailor made suits to bespoke furniture, there is always a strong argument that these options actually provide better long-term value than their cheaper, mass-market counterparts.

A high quality, tailored suit will set you back well in excess of £1,000 whereas a high street, off-the-rail suit may cost well under £100. But the custom option will last a lifetime whereas the fast-fashion suit will be lucky to get through the year without loose threads. The same logic can be applied to software. While it may seem like an intimidating outlay, here are 6 reasons why custom database automation software is a smart investment for you.

1. Relationship

When you buy off-the shelf software, you are buying something that, by nature, is broad in its strokes. It is designed as a one-size-fits-all fix for the needs of every business. This implies that every business has the same generic needs. In reality, however, every business is unique and has its own unique requirements.

This is where building a relationship with a developer helps you go in depth and collaborate with an expert who understands what you are trying to achieve. You can help them make the best piece of software for your business by applying their knowledge to your situation, the only limit is… well, there isn’t one.

2. Growth 

Off-the-shelf software often has limitations and this can be a problem as your business grows. Custom software can be developed taking into account your projected growth, ensuring it can bear the weight of whatever the future may hold. It can be very difficult to predict the changes that await the business so software that can adapt and grow with you can be priceless.

3. Productivity

As your bespoke software is designed to do exactly what you need it to, there are no tricky workarounds to worry about. This can save masses of time and cost in training, not to mention the time saved by having an efficient, confident workforce using the right tools for the task.

4. Security

Because it is designed to your specification for use only by your company, custom software is far less vulnerable to external hacking than off-the-shelf software. Professional hackers spend time learning how to hack all of the mainstream software platforms and are experts at doing so. On the other hand they have no way of knowing what custom software products you have or how to attack them.

5. Support

Getting support and good customer service from a large software company can prove to be an exhausting task. You can count on either a very long wait on the phone or a support page with ‘Frequently Asked Questions’, none of which have anything to do with the issue you are having. With custom developed software, however, you have access to the exact team that designed and constructed your software. They know the ins and outs of your requirements and have an intimate knowledge of your bespoke software.

We at Computerisation want to provide you with the best software solutions possible and will support you every step of the way.

6. Long-term Cost

While there are initial costs to developing custom software due to starting at ground zero, there are long-term financial benefits. When considering the costs of upgrades and add ons for off-the-shelf software as well as additional hardware to run it and annual license renewals you actually skip a lot of the hidden costs when opting for custom developed software.

So if your company needs its databases automated with software that allows employees to work at their most efficient with the confidence of security and the support of developers who understand and care about your individual requirements, we can help! Enquire today and discuss your requirements with our knowledgeable team of software development professionals.