Task and Workflow Automation


What is ‘Task and Workflow Automation’?
A bespoke software solution to automate and manage your tasks and workflows,
provides an unprecedented level of efficiency for your business.
Workflows may be hierarchical, organised across phases/stages as well as
shared between individuals or teams.

How can we help transform your business?
Each task can be scheduled to start when other tasks, stages/phases are
actioned. Each task can have a due date/time automatically assigned
depending on other pieces of data stored in the systems database.

A task can be set in motion, delivered to another system database or emailed
to someone as a notification. Every task movement can be logged, and a complete audit trail of all activities maintained.

Automated Task and Workflow routines are essential tools for both production
and project management systems.  Whilst many off the shelf software systems
have this, a bespoke solution will provide a system that can be fine tuned to
reach unprecedented levels of efficiency for your business.  Your business
is unique and only a bespoke system can provide you with a solution without

Talk to Computerisation Limited today about designing a new
database software system to maximise your business efficiency.