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Welcome to Computerisation Limited. We’re specialist bespoke business software developers delivering data technology solutions to drive your business forward.

We’ve spent decades building the knowledge and expertise needed to give your business a boost.

We’ll help you to increase efficiency, reduce overheads and protect vital data.


For over 25 years, Computerisation Limited has designed and developed high quality, affordable bespoke or customised software database systems for public and private sector clients throughout Wales and the United Kingdom.

We offer solutions to problems that you may not know you have. Your team may be spending their time ‘working around’ inefficiency which, however well-intentioned, ultimately puts your business at a disadvantage.

It’s vital that all of your processes are as efficient and streamlined as possible.

We’re ready to put our experience and expertise to work. The solutions we offer are critical to successful modern business practice. Too many businesses throw people at problems, which causes inefficiency, errors and spiralling costs. We say ‘automate, automate, automate’ – and we’ll show you exactly how to achieve this with a free consultation.

Any forward-thinking business requires a greater level of sophistication and functionality from its core processes and activities. We work with our clients, investing quality time and effort to produce detailed project definitions and development plans.

As leading software developers, we use proven technologies to optimum advantage – enabling you to streamline business-critical processes, increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenue, facilitate more informed management decision-making and provide a more effective service to your customers.

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Why would I need to use business software developers?

Our solutions can reduce overheads and protect you against a possible data breach.

There will always be tasks that require teams to collaborate or require employees to be dependent on each other as they work. We’ll design a database for multiple users, which allows data to be accessed in one central location; this will give team members the ability to easily jump between projects or tasks, and build on existing work without any delays, such as having to chase-up work from fellow team members.

Also, databases keep a proper record of changes and store them right away. This ensures that everyone working with data stays up-to-date with the latest information at all times. You need to ensure that you avoid avoids disjointed processes, data duplication and inaccuracies. All changes made to data are monitored so users can exactly who made the most recent updates. If you have a query or issue, you’ll know exactly who to approach.

Sharing resources on a database ensures a collaborative work environment and a better connection between your team members. Not only are employees able to confer on documents, but they can also combine their knowledge and abilities to strengthen the productivity of the wider business.

Managers (and employees in general) who are trying to do the right thing may feel that they’re forced to create spreadsheets or other documents to manage their workloads. Not only is this a dangerous practise from a data protection point of view, but it’s also sloppy and puts valuable data at risk of deletion or loss.

Every business in the UK must work to be as efficient as possible. By putting us to work as your business software developers, we’ll give you a competitive edge by minimising overheads and helping to mitigate a number of risks you may currently be facing.

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Bespoke Business Software Developers, Computerisation Limited have been business database specialists and bespoke software developers since 1989.

Based in Cardiff, South Wales, we develop industry-leading business software applications, systems and database solutions for clients throughout the UK.