Business Database Software

Welcome to Computerisation Limited. We are bespoke software developers delivering data technology solutions to drive your business forward.


For more than 20 years Computerisation Limited have designed and developed high quality, affordable bespoke or customised software database systems for both public and private sector clients throughout Wales and the United Kingdom – solutions which are core to successful modern business practice.

Recognising that today’s forward-thinking business requires greater sophistication and functionality from its core processes and activities, we work with our clients, investing quality time and effort to produce detailed project definitions and development plans.

As leading software developers we use proven technologies to optimum advantage – enabling you to streamline business-critical processes, increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenue, facilitate more informed management decision-making and provide a more effective service to your customers.


Cardiff Software Developers, Computerisation Limited have been business database specialists and bespoke software developers since 1989. Computerisation Limited, based in Cardiff, South Wales, develop business software systems and database applications for clients throughout the UK.